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What is a ‘electronic clearing service’?

A digital outlet service (EDS) is an electronic service that enables users to access content online without having to visit an offline website or download an app.It can also be used to access data that is stored on an internet service provider’s servers.These services can be accessed from the internet.EDS

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Online vaulting service allows you to transfer your digital content to a PC via Bluetooth device

Posted September 28, 2018 10:31:18With the advent of smartphones, it is now possible to transfer digital content between devices like computers and smartphones, and it is possible to store and share digital content in your home with your family.But now a new service, dubbed Electronic Vaulting, can do the same

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How Amazon is getting more than a million jobs in its first year

Amazon is hiring for its new electronic license-service business as it tries to build a second-tier business that can compete with Apple and other retailers.The online retailer is hiring a new group of electronic license software engineers to help it build out its e-commerce operation.It has hired more than 100

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How to set up an encrypted VPN service

Digital Networks will launch a new service for encrypting and signing your home networks.The service, which is called “Digital Connections,” will work with the OpenVPN protocol, an open-source software protocol that encrypts all the data flowing through your network, and will let you use it to sign and encrypt files,

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How to get the best sound from your smartphone

How to use your phone to stream audio sources to your TV, PC, or tablet.With the advent of smart speakers, it’s become harder and harder to stream a TV program from your phone, laptop, or desktop.It’s no secret that Apple’s AirPlay tech lets you stream media from your computer or

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How electron microscopes can detect cancer in the lab

By using electron microscopically-driven imaging, a team of scientists has been able to identify the location of cancer cells in the human body.The researchers report the results of their work in the journal ACS Nano.The team also reported that they could accurately identify the cells by measuring their electron levels.The

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Which company has the most illegal foreign employees?

Electronic bookkeeping service agent (EBA) is a contract job that helps businesses maintain and operate electronic bookkeeping systems, as well as provide support services for bookkeeping programs and customer support.EBAs are paid by bookkeepers to provide customer support services.EMA is a legal position that offers customer service, but is usually

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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