Computer company calls for ‘unprecedented transparency’ in report of cyberattacks

Computer company Electronic Arts said on Wednesday it was calling on Congress to require more information from its software and services companies about cyberattacks that caused widespread disruptions last year and are believed to have cost more than $60 billion.

In a letter to Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., the company said the cybersecurity community needs to collect more information on how the firms are protecting customers’ data.

It said that “information about the nature and scope of the threat, and the extent of damage and recovery, is essential to helping us protect against future attacks and vulnerabilities.”

Electronic Arts said it is looking to “ensure that the public and lawmakers have access to more comprehensive information about our cybersecurity posture.”

The letter comes as Congress prepares to consider legislation that would require more transparency in reports of cyberthreats.

Markey is a sponsor of the bill, which would require companies to disclose information about cyber attacks.

Electronic Arts and the Federal Trade Commission are both working on the bill.

Electronic Software Services (ES&AS) said that the recent spate of computer attacks was the result of an “extremely serious cyberattack” on the company’s network.

It blamed hackers in the United States, Europe and China for the attacks.

The company said in a statement that the cyberattack forced it to shut down a critical program that helps users find and download software updates.

The attacks also forced it and its competitors to suspend development of new software products and to limit the availability of their products to customers.

Electrical Engineering and Electronic Arts (E&amp’t;E) said it has “no evidence that this attack has caused any significant disruption to E&amp&amp’s systems or customers.”

It also said it was “aware of no indications that any other business was impacted in any way.”

The company has been battling the attack on its network, which it said was a result of “an attack using malicious software.”

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