What’s going on with the Trump administration’s ‘digital government’ crackdown?

By Alexey ChurkinSource: Ars TechnicAll this week, Trump administration officials have made moves to take on companies that use technology to help people in their everyday lives, including the Federal Trade Commission, the Office of Government Ethics, and the Federal Communications Commission.

In some cases, the new policies appear to be aimed at blocking tech companies from using their own tools and technologies to help individuals.

For instance, the OGE, which regulates digital commerce, issued an order in October that prevents any company from making or selling a “dissemination service” that can help people access their financial or personal information.

The new regulations also require that the information-sharing policies and terms of service “may not be inconsistent with the requirements of this section.”

The Trump administration is also trying to take away the ability of many tech companies to make money through their own services, including social media and payments.

It is expected that this new policy will also apply to payments.

The administration’s new move to block technology companies from sharing data is also likely to have an impact on the digital currency Bitcoin, which is a popular alternative to traditional financial services.

The Federal Reserve, which was forced to regulate digital currencies, has announced that it will be updating its policy and regulations to allow digital currencies to compete with traditional currencies.

The Obama administration also imposed new regulations in the spring to regulate the digital payments industry, which included a requirement that payment companies require customers to use a bank account and that they notify customers about new products.

This is an attempt to ensure that payment service providers can make money on a payment service without relying on the service providers’ own services.

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