How to get a free flight from one of the world’s top airlines with the best service online

Electronic travel service Flightspot are offering a free upgrade to their online travel service with the purchase of a new seat.

The service allows you to upgrade to an upgraded seat at a discount from the original seat and will cover your first 90 minutes of the flight.

The upgrade is free to members of the service.

The seat upgrade can be done with a credit card or cash.

Flightspot also offer an option to upgrade an existing seat by booking a private cabin upgrade which includes a private private cabin, private bar and private entertainment for up to 90 minutes.

The option is also available for members of their membership.

Flamespot offer free domestic flights from their network of airlines.

You can book flights from London to Tokyo with a booking fee of £7,500 and from Amsterdam to Tokyo for £11,500.

Flightsport’s award fares for the same journey range from £16,900 to £20,500 depending on the journey.

Flashespot has an impressive fleet of seats.

Flashespot offers a selection of seats with their own special offers, like a special discount on the lowest seat price.

You also have the option of booking up to six seats in a private, one-way cabin.

Flingspot’s prices for a private one-stop cabin upgrade range from just £4,900 for the lowest one-seater cabin to just £9,900 and up to £12,500 for the highest one-ways cabin.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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