Which are the best and worst internet service providers in the world?

There are several internet service companies in the UAE, and most of them are not as popular as their big brothers in the US, but they are all doing their bit to provide better internet speeds and more choice for users.

We’ve looked at the top 10 internet service provider in the country, the top 5 internet service plans and the top 50 internet service options.

We’re also looking at some of the cheapest internet plans available in the Gulf.

For those of you who don’t know what an internet service is, here’s a quick primer: An internet service provides the internet service to your home.

Some services are more expensive than others, but generally they are less expensive than a pay-per-use plan.

A pay-as-you-go plan gives you unlimited internet access, but with an additional monthly fee of around $10.

The more you use the internet, the more money you get.

That’s why it’s important to understand how much you are paying for your internet service, and whether it’s worth it.

Here are the top internet service prices in the region, ranked from least expensive to most expensive: 1.

Internet service provider Airtel, UAE: Free 3G internet plan: $6.99/month (3GB per month) 2.

Al Jazeera Arabic: Free 1GB per day (2GB per week) 3.

Telkom: Free 5GB per year (3.6GB per quarter) 4.

Internet provider Al Jazeera: Free 10GB per hour (3TB per month – 1.2GB/hour) 5.

UAE-based mobile phone provider Al Aliya: Free 30MB per day per user for 3GB per user (1GB per 2GB per 3GB) 6.

Al Arabiya: 2GB/month 1GB/3GB/5GB/10GB/15GB/20GB (3MB per month for 10GB) 7.

Al Taqi TV: Free 150MB per minute (3,000 MB per day) 8.

Al-Masdar TV: 1GB monthly plan for 4GB/12GB (2.5GB per GB) 9.

Al Sharq Al-Awsat: Free 200MB per second (3 million MB per hour) 10.

Al Manar TV: 2,000MB per hour 9,000,000Mb/month per month (1.2 billionMB per year) 11.

Al Asaf TV: 10,000mb/month for 10,5,10,50,100MB (2,000 billion MB per year for 10 billion) 12.

Al Jazeera English: Free 500MB/month 10,500,000GB (1 billion MB) 13.

Al Ahly TV: 3,000 million per month 13,000-30,000MiB per month 10,800,000/month 13.

Egyek TV: 500MB per 10 minutes (2 billion MiB per minute) 14.

Al Nahar TV: 25,000 MiB/month 16,000+ MiB (2 trillion MiB) 15.

Al Azhar TV: 200,000 miB/day 20,000% of your internet usage (2 terabytes per day!)


Al Quds TV: Up to 1,000TB per year in a 2 month period, depending on usage (1 trillion terabytes) 17.

Al Wafa TV: Unlimited 10GB of data per month per user per month in a 3 month period 18.

Al Alam TV: 100 gigabytes of data, unlimited access to Al Jazeera, Al Jazeera Plus, Al Arabia, Al Qassam and Al Jazeera World (1TB) 19.

Al Rai TV: 250GB per 24 hours per month.


Al Masdar TV, Al Alam, Al Rai & Al Rai Plus: Unlimited 3,500MB per user/month in a year.


Al Hayat TV: 300,000 gigabytes per month 22.

Al Ummah TV: 50,000 GB per month 23.

Al Rasheed TV: 30,000 TB per year 24.

Al Maqdis TV: 150,000 terabytes (1,200 TB per month?)


Al Sham TV: 20,500 terabytes a month 26.

Al Sabah TV (Terraria): Unlimited 2,500 MB per month 27.

Al Riyadh TV: 5,000 per month 28.

Al Amarah TV: 6,000 megabytes per week 29.

Al Awsat TV: 40,000 Terabytes a week 30.

Al Hadeed TV: 120,000 Gigabytes a day 31.

Al Doha TV: 125,000 Megabytes a year 32.

Al Thani TV: 800,000 MegaBytes a day 33.

Al Zawiya TV: 4,500 megabytes a second 34.

Al Hamd TV: 8,000.

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