How to deal with electronics warranty service

A new service that allows consumers to request a warranty service in a local store will be available in Melbourne, South Australia, as part of a $1 billion expansion.

Electronics Warranty Service will be launched on Tuesday, July 6, at seven stores across Melbourne including Victoria’s biggest supermarket chain, Woolworths.

Woolworths says the new service will allow customers to have a one-hour consultation and request a replacement for defective electronic equipment.

Electronic equipment includes computers, tablets, mobile phones, digital cameras, cameras and scanners.

It will be covered for a limited period of time after a customer has been issued a repair notice, and can be repaired by a local shop or a specialist repair facility.

Woolsworths chief executive officer David Janssen said the company would be adding the service to its store network.

“It will give customers the opportunity to make sure that they can get the goods they want and the service they need for the time and price they want,” he said.

“We’ll be adding this service to our existing customer service network and will be launching this to our stores in Melbourne and other major metropolitan areas in Victoria and other states across Australia in the coming weeks.”

Mr Jansens said the new product would provide the public with more information on electronic product warranties and better support services.

“When we have an issue, we’ll provide the customer with the best advice, including what the product manufacturer’s warranty policy is,” he told the ABC.

“If you buy something that you think might have an electronic problem, we can help you understand what’s going on.”

Electronic product warranties are not a new concept.

In 2016, consumers in the United States sued Samsung over the use of faulty batteries in some Galaxy phones, accusing the South Korean electronics manufacturer of selling defective products.

In Australia, there are more than 600 electronic products that can be covered under the Electrical Equipment Manufacturers’ Warranty Act.

“In the United Kingdom, there’s a similar law, the Electrical Products Manufacturers Limited Warranty Act,” said Mr Jansen.

“But in Australia, the manufacturer has to ensure that the product is free from defects.”

He said the aim of the new Australian service would be to make the Australian market more competitive and increase the number of people purchasing electronic products.

“The best way to do that is to introduce a standardised product that’s the same across the country,” he added.

“That way, we’ve got an improved experience for customers and consumers in Australia and internationally.”


Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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